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My Younger Sister Turned To A Delilah, She Had Frequent S3x With My Husband

My Younger Sister Turned To A Delilah, She Had Frequent S3x With My Husband

I learned from that one mistake I did of bringing my younger sister at our place of residence. Three years ago my younger sister came to live with us in Utawala area Nairobi County. Life  back at home was difficult and so our house was a better place for her to come at least have some  taste of city life. As always people from the interior really enjoyed each time they were invited at  the urban areas for it was a good exposure to them. She used to take care of my children and do  other house chores while both me and my husband were busy at work. We agreed to pay her ksh  8000 as a thank you for good work she did. It was a good pay since she slept in our house, ate  there and all other wants she needed was available. 

I worked in a private hospital in Nairobi hence I used to leave the house very early in the  morning leaving him asleep for as always private sectors were really strict with time as far as  their companies were concerned. He worked as a lecturer at a popular university in the city and  his classes commenced as from 11am so he could leave the house at 9am at some point. My  issues with my hubby began when once a friend called while he was bathing and so I had to pick  the phone and inform him he was away taking a shower at that particular time. In the process of  receiving the phone, I came across various pictures from the gallery. My sisters pictures which  were really nude were in the phone a clear indication that something was really cooking on  between the two. As always a normal woman needed to protect what belonged to her. I really  loved my husband and it was my responsibility to ask what was really going on. 

The photos were my sister’s nudes, together with my husband at our bedroom and obviously they  had had intercourse with such indication of the nude pictures. This really gave me a worry. I assumed  and went on with my daily activities as if nothing had gone amiss. A week later I went through  his mobile phone again while he was taking a shower and I came across an MPESA message and  he had actually sent my sister ksh6000 keeping in mind I was the one who used to pay her. This  was a clear indication that this two had really felt in love and some actions needed to be done  before things went so much bad. It was really difficult to chase my sister and so I gave in but I  had pain some day she would make my husband her official lover at some point if I did not take  things seriously.

I went to town and bought CCTV cameras and installed by the house with no one knowing. I  used to monitor everything at home by my workplace and here I clearly saw what was going on  back home. One day footage appeared as I watched in the office I saw my husband really  romancing with my younger sister. They went straight in the bedroom and at some point they  started having intercourse. I really wailed by the office desk. My workmate Anne tried to ask what was  going around and I shared to her the footage. She said she had a solution to end that. She referred  me to call Kiwanga doctors for assistance. She gave me Kiwanga doctor’s contacts and the next  morning I was at their offices after I had communicated to them the previous day. 

I was attended to and went back home. My husband that night admitted he was cheating on me  and the catalyst was my sister. My sister too apologized and decided to leave the house for she  said she wanted the two of us not to part ways. Kiwanga doctor’s magic was really at work. From that day we have been living happily with my husband. Kiwanga doctors treat various  diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure among others. They also solve marriage wrangles,  help win court cases among other issues at a glance. 

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