Home News Miss Tamima Dumps Hubby Enos Olik

Miss Tamima Dumps Hubby Enos Olik

Another famous Kenyan TV presenter confirms she has parted ways with her husband and is currently single – Are TV girls jinxed?

Former KTN Str8up presenter, Tamima Ibrahim, who is popularly known as Miss Tamima, has revealed that she has divorced her husband.

It’s out there in the public that Tamima is married to renowned video producer Enos Olik and they have a son called Aiden Olik that they welcomed in 2015.

However, it seems their marriage has hit a snag.

Tamima revealed that she is single when interacting with her fans during a question-and-answer session.

One of Tamima’s followers asked her about her wedding plans with Enos Olik and she confirmed that they have parted ways.

“You and Enos Olik, when are the wedding bells ringing? You are gem, keep doing you,” the fan asked and the renowned TV presenter responded saying, “Single”.’

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