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Magufuli Was Not All That Perfect, He Failed Terribly As Lands Minister , Jakaya Kikwete Shocks Tanzanians As He Said This

MAGUFULI was not all that perfect, he failed terribly as Lands Minister – JAKAYA KIKWETE shocks Tanzanians as he tells it as it is

Former Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete shocked mourners during the burial of the late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli on Friday.

Kikwete, perhaps in an effort to keep in line with the late Magufuli’s nature of telling it as it is, went on to reveal the flaws and failure of Magufuli when he was his minister.

In his Eulogy, the former president took mourners down memory lane, narrating bit by bit how he started working with Magufuli as his minister, right up to the moment he retired and handed over the reins of power to him.

Although for the most part, the retired president praised Magufuli, not just for his attention to detail and hard-working nature, he also touched on a debacle that took place when he transferred him to the Lands Ministry.

Having performed exemplary in the Roads Ministry, Jakaya saw it fit to transfer him to the lands sector which was having quite a number of challenges.

While happily accepting his new role as Lands Minister, Kikwete noted that Magufuli told him to rest assured that he had everything under control and would ruthlessly deal with land grabbers who had turned the department into a mess, and who were, in fact, the main reason why Jakaya had assigned him the role; so as to employ his firm and unrelenting strategies while dealing with the fraudsters.

However, things did not turn out as he expected as Magufuli failed terribly in that docket to the disappointment of Kikwete.

He noted that he was disappointed to learn that the fraudsters and land grabbers had run circles around his capable minister (Magufuli), leaving him unable to replicate the success he had enjoyed in other areas.

He wished the new president success in the area of Land, which he admitted, was quite a challenging one.

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