Why killer cop, HESSY WA DANDORA, is in hot pursuit of this dangerous bodaboda rider who operates in Kahawa – What he did will leave you speechless

No-nonsense city cop, Hessy Wa Dandora, has shared a photo of a dangerous criminal who disguises himself as a bodaboda rider.

The suspect, who is identified as Brayo, did the unthinkable to two high school girls and destroyed their future.

One of the girls is in form one and already pregnant after Brayo committed the inhumane act to her.

Brayo also stole a helmet that belongs to a police officer and posed for a photo with it, which he then posted on social media to chase clout.

He has fled to an unknown location after discovering that police were looking for him.

Hessy shared his photo on social media and urged anyone who might be having information on his whereabouts to report to the nearest police station.

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