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Reason Why You Should Be Careful Of Whom You Invite To Your Maarrige Life

Reason Why You Should Be Careful Of Whom You Invite To Your Maarrige Life

We lived together with my husband in Migori County in south Nyanza parts of Kenya. I had my life time best friend whom I had found a job that I wanted her to do. So the best way she could  have done the job was to come at my place stay for a while before moving to her own house. Three days later we welcomed Mercy at our house. My husband really warm welcomed her  because I had informed him that she was to stay in our house for a period of a month  before things would work out well on her side. We lived happily as even people would say she  was my sister since we had really good moments together. 

After sometimes my husband had started to love Mercy as he could at some point buy her clothes  and other materialistic things that he dared bought for me. I did not hesitate to ask him why he  had really changed. To some extent he even seized my conjugal rights. Each time I asked for the  behavior, he would roar and say he was just exhibiting his human kind to her and nothing more  was between him and Mercy at any particular time. After sometimes I came to realize they were  really charting on phone as one day I bashed my husband sending her love messages and nudes  to my friend mercy. I was really hurt by this behavior. One day mercy said she wanted to go  back to her home for two days. When he left at least three under pants of my husband were  missing. I knew well she had gone to do some witchcraft deeds with them. Three days after she came back, my husband had really changed. He even went to the point of calling Mercy his wife  and forgot everything about me. 

After a while I started finding strange things like white chicken feathers under our mattress. Each  time I asked my husband of it he would dismiss such claims as he would even threaten to cane  me up. After three weeks my husband chased me out of my marriage ready to move on with his new catch Mercy. I was so hurt and now desperately single again. I tried to talk to his parents  and relatives to at least speak to him but everything was in vain as he had already made his mind  he had moved on with Mercy. I was really depressed since each moment I thought of moving on  to a new relationship keeping in mind how I really loved my husband I almost committed  suicide. Everything was not adding up. There was no way a friend would come and deprive what  belonged to me and turn to be hers. I was really going to revenge but what kind of revenge and  there was really no one to guide me through. Life was just not fair at all. As I was relaxing by my  mum’s house, I came across an advertisement of herbalists by name Kiwanga doctors who had really solved people’s problems. Several testimonials were enough for me to book an  appointment with them.

The next day I visited their offices and was attended to within few  minutes. Three days after visiting Kiwanga doctors, I received a phone call. It was Mercy who  really said she was sorry and she wanted us to meet and solve our differences. The next day we  met her, me together with my husband where we all agreed. Kiwanga doctor’s magic had really  worked in this. From that day our marriage has been a success as power of witchcraft had been  abolished by Kiwanga doctors. 

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