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They are the answer to all types of music lovers in Kenya. Something the industry has been longing for. The musically versatile and vocally talented three-member boy band is out to win the hearts of many.

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The chemistry that the lads possess in their music is amazing; you would think that they grew up in the same house.

The band formed in November 2018 by Kaka Empire specialize in having the perfect mix of RnB, pop and afro soul in each of their songs

Ethan – Singer, songwriter, guitarist

The charming and gifted Edward’s Okoth Bryan aka Ethan describes himself as a storyteller and songwriter who creates music that cuts across all genres. The 20 year adds the melodic and emotive vibe to all the Jadi songs. Ethan discovered he could sing when he was six years old. Influences His mother has for the longest time been in the church choir and that is how he ended up wanting to sing. He took every opportunity to perform in front of his relatives and family guests.

Achievements in music after countlessly trying to convince his parents to buy him a phone 12 years old, he found his chance when he won a signing competition whose prize was a mobile phone. That win gave him unprecedented confidence. Since getting signed to Kaka Empire management his desire is to expose Jadi’s music to a wider audience. Music is all he does, it is his life.

Vincent – Vocalist, songwriter and dancer

The vocally versatile Vince aka Vincent Mutuma has loved singing even before he could walk. Growing up as a Pastor’s kid gave him performing opportunities ever since he could remember. Influences His love for music actually came from dancing. Vince started out in a dancing group, but he broke out of the group after remembering his first love- singing! Vince’s music style is alternative RnB and he prides himself in making romantic music for the masses.

Achievements in music being signed to Kaka Empire are what he describes as his biggest achievement in music thus far. His music philosophy is to make great music and good money while doing it.

Brandon – Vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and poet

Brandon Tumbo, 20, has grown around music his whole life. He defines his music as feel good vibe heavy on the romance. Influence Brandon’ music style is blend of a couple of things so consequently; you’ll get your feel-good vibe, romantic touch and hype through his singing.

Achievements in music Working with Kaka Empire and some of the best producers in Kenya. The JKUAT entrepreneurship student finds balancing school and music easy because he is self-disciplined. Brandon seeks to keep his voice in your mind even when you’re not listening to him

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