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I Was Gang Raped By Three Men While My Husband Had Left For A Job Vacation Upcountry

I Was Gang Raped By Three Men While My Husband Had Left For A Job Vacation Upcountry

We lived together with my husband in Mombasa. We had lived together as a couple for only  eight months since we had officially married together. My husband worked as researcher in a  governmental institution in the county so frequently he would be sent to different places to do  some research. I was a bank teller by profession. We really lived happily with my husband and  nothing would tease our love since our love was just at its peak at that particular moment. It  reached a point that I urged my husband to look for a job that I was just going to be with him  each time but he did not change his mind. At times he would go for a week and I would really  crave for his company each moment. Loneliness would kill my morale of even staying in our  bungalow since we had no kid at that time. 

One Sunday night when my husband was away for a job in Busia County lights went off because  there was no electric power at that particular time. I closed every door in our house for I was  really scared. Close to 10pm I heard a knock on the door. Since it was very dark I used my phone  to at list light my way to the door. I thought it was my hubby Moses who had just arrived home. But what scared me is that he had never come home that late at any given time. When I opened  the door, three men stormed the house holding a gun at my forehead. They directed me to remain  silence for they would kill me in case of a fishy commotion at that particular time. I was just but  helpless in my night dresses. One of the guys said that I had a very yummy butt at that particular time squeezing his body towards me. I really predicted it was going to be a bad scene of my life time. 

After a while, my clothes were torn and I was left naked. The guys laid me by the coach and one  after the other they raped me. It was really a painful moment in my life as i was forced to have intercourse with no romance first. The guys banged me for about 3hours continuous as I really wailed in  agony. No one would really hear me wailing keeping in mind our house model of construction  was just on another level. They would do the act as they laughed at each time. After accomplishing their mission, I was left in agony. I called my neighbor Joyce who really pitted  me and later took me to the nearby medical facility. It was really hurting. I informed my hubby  what had really happened and the following day he was in the hospital. I was really embarrassed by that scene. My husband crossed his fingers and said he was to teach the culprits a lifetime  lesson. The next day he left me in the hospital and said he was going to his friend James who heard a clue of herbalists by name doctor Kiwanga. James directed him and he was really at  doctor Kiwanga offices the following day. He was attended to and later came back home. I had  been discharged from the hospital and now I was okay.

After two days, we were shocked to see  three men approaching our house naked with their manhood protruding almost touching the  ground. They were really wailing in pain as a large crowd even teased them. Pus was actually  coming from their manhood as they really wailed admitting they were responsible for the gang  rape. It was really a revenge mission courtesy of Kiwanga doctors. I called doctor Kiwanga and  he said the guys had to visit him for treatment. It was really a intimacy spell to seek a revenge for what  the guys really did to my husband was unacceptable. 

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