Home News Body Of Jennifer Wambua The Missing NLC Official Found In Ngong Forest

Body Of Jennifer Wambua The Missing NLC Official Found In Ngong Forest


Jennifer Wambua, the National Land Commission employee who went missing on Friday, has been found dead.

Her body was discovered at Nairobi’s City Mortuary on Monday. Police said the body had been picked at Ngong Forest.

“It had been marked unidentified,” a mortuary attendant who sought anonymity told Capital News.

Wambua who worked as the Deputy Director in charge of communication went missing after leaving the office on Friday shortly after checking into the office according to surveillance footage analyzed by police.

Her husband, Joseph Komu, who filed a missing person report at Capitol Hill Police Station, said he had found her handbag in their car on which they drove to work on the day she disappeared.

Why was she killed? Who killed her and was she kidnapped from the office?

These are some of the pressing questions the homicide detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) were seeking answers to on Monday.

They were specifically interested with her activities between 7am when she was dropped in her office and 10am, when she left, while on a call.

“When I called her that day at about 10am, she did not pick up,” her husband told Capital News.

Komu works at the Kilimo House, which is within the proximity of her office.

The point at which the victim was abducted, who did it and for what reasons remains a mystery.

A source intimated that Wambua was a state witness in a graft case pending in court.

“The woman was to make an appearance on Monday in court for a cross-examination exercise in the multi-million shillings scandal,” a source who did not want to be named said.

Wambua was a mother of three children.