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“Its All Yours, Keep Pumping”, My Wife Said As My Younger Brother Banged Her


I am always in a sadistic mood each moment I think of narrating this story to any person I know. At times I feel a little bit ashamed since it was a scene I will never forget at any particular  moment of my life. We went on a Christmas holiday back in upcountry and so every family  member had come to at least spend time with our parents. It was really a nice party to be since  each of my siblings had come with all their family members. 

The only thing that made me look different from the rest is that I was impotent. Despite having  more money in my several bank accounts, I was not able to get a child. My wife had complained  of this but I had assured her that everything was going to be just fine. We decided later to accept  the fact that we were not in the position of getting a child. We had a specific room where  everyone slept with their wives. That day I decided to go to the nearest pub at least to party but I  did not go with my wife as she said she was little bit tired. Furthermore I had vowed not to ever  go to a pub with my wife keeping in mind she was still beautiful and a fight would easily erupt in  those clubs since I would not allow any man to come close to her. I took several bottles of beer  then I decided to go back home before it was too late. 

I left the pub exactly at 10pm. It was really dark and no one was on the way. I did not bother too  much since I was high and I felt nothing would have scared me at that particular moment on my  way home. I sang on my way home as always drunkards did each time they were high. Staggering was not an exception. When I was approaching my house, I was invited by some  ordinary noises but really I did not bother too much as I thought it was part of hallucinations  since I was compulsively drunk. The noises continued and I had no other option rather than try  concentrate a little as I stood by the support of the walls to my house. “It’s all yours keep  pumping baby”, It was really the voice of my wife.Really it was her enjoying intercourse with someone I  did not know. I hurriedly banged the door an ambushed my wife looking stuffy on top of my  younger brother to mean really the job was just awesome. They were really sweating and naked. I wanted to beat them but my wife shouted to me that she was trying to get me a baby since I was  not capable of making her pregnant despite the long time we had lived together as couples. I  really felt heartbroken since she had really hit the nail direct on the head. I closed the door and  left them enjoying their thing as sounds became more as I listened by the house verandah crying  in pain. My brother was really driving her insane.

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