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Cate Waruguru’s Tongue Slips As She Mistakenly Divulges Her ‘Bedroom Affairs’ Live On Tv While Thinking She Was Off-Air

CATE WARUGURU’s tongue slips as she mistakenly divulges her ‘bedroom affairs’ live on TV while thinking she was off-air – You won’t believe what she said

Laikipia Woman Representative, Cate Waruguru, has disclosed too much information on live TV, thinking the show is on a commercial break.

For about seven minutes, the Laikipia lawmaker thought she was off-air and she aired sentiments that she would not have uttered if she knew the world was watching and listening.

Speaking on Inooro TV’s breakfast show, Waruguru, oblivious that studio cameras were recording her and that she was live on air, talked a little bit louder to the camera person asking if her dress was too short for the show.

“Can you tell me if the viewers are complaining about my dress being short?” she asked while slightly tucking her dress under the seat while the show host assured her no one had raised that issue.

Upon realizing that she was live on air and that the whole world was watching and listening, Waruguru got embarrassed and wished the ground would open up and swallow her alive.

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