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Watch Video As Wife Material Season 2 Contestants Fight Over Eric Omondi At His Birthday Party In A City Club


Comedian Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Season 2 contestants were involved in a physical fight at a city club during his Birthday party on Wednesday Night.

A video shared by the funnyman via his Instagram captures the contestants exchanging blows to an extend of forcing police officers and stewards who were providing security at the club to intervene.

In the video, Contestants from Tanzania lead by singer Gigy Money and Sumaiyah are seen throwing things around and fighting Kyler Jeycman who was seated next to Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi’s Wife Material contestants fight over him at a city Club (Video)

However, the virality of the video in question has elicited wild reactions among Kenyans On Twitter (KOT), with a section arguing that the fight was choreographed and Scripted to draw attention to the Wife Material show.

Others pointed out that the fights were unnecessary, as already fans had embraced Omondi’s show.

The Season 2 of Wife Material show has brought together contestants from three countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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Uganda is being represented by; Naditor, Diana Birungi, Raphaela Sibella Nsiimire and Sumaiyah; Tanzania- Singer Gigy Mama, Suzan Faustine, Kyler jeycman and Bertha while Kenya has Sherlyne Anyango, DJ Coco and Manzi wa Kibera.


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