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Panic As The Country Is Set For A Total Lockdown Following Uhuru’s Covid-19 Address Tommorow

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to address the nation tomorrow amid rising Covid-19 cases that have gotten Kenyans worried.

Among those worried is Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe who hinted at a possible return of stricter measures to contain what he termed as a more vicious coronavirus variant and a third wave of the disease.

Speaking yesterday, Kagwe warned that the country was experiencing a spike in daily infections and deaths.

“I want to make it official that Kenya is in its third wave.”

“There was the first and the second wave that ran from November, but as the Ministry of Health had predicted, come March, we may begin to see a surge,” he said.

The figures are surging at a time the country is rolling a vaccination programme targeting 15 million people in three phases.

The CS warned that the current rate of infections and deaths could overrun the country’s healthcare system if unchecked.

“The President will be speaking to us on Friday and by that time, we will have agreed with our scientists and other experts on the measures that we must take,” he said.

He warned that the ongoing conduct, including holding of political rallies, weddings, funerals and other life-risking behaviour would visit catastrophic consequences on the country.

Similar sentiments were echoed by governors who asked Uhuru to revisit the Covid-19 protocols, saying the situation calls for stringent measures.

According to sources, Uhuru is likely to put the country under lockdown yet again to contain the rapid spread of the virus.