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After A Long Struggle , I Now Own The Biggest Business In The City


I sit down here right at my office reflecting how sometimes life maybe difficult especially in business  economy. Starting from a small business facing other big sharks and tycoons trying to compete with  them wasn’t something easy to all small business growing up. 

My life since I was born was not easy. At the age of seven years both my parents passed away and I had  to relocate to my uncle’s place since he was the only family member I had. I stayed with him and his  family as I continued with school until it reached a point I had to quit education because my uncle had  no enough money to sponsor me anymore. Life took another direction, no school no money the only  option I had was to go and start fishing. Since we were near the ocean it wasn’t hard to start. 

At first I thought everyone will be friendly and I needed more techniques on catching more fishes. My  friend Abdi introduced me to one of the cartels in the fish industry and I agreed to work under some  conditions. The first day I started my work I was given few individuals to assist me with fishing. As we  were continuing with work I heard them conversing but I never took heed but after finishing the work I  was threatened to leave everything there and go home or I get killed. I chose to live so I left them with  what I had gotten. Going back to my boss was a a shame. I imagined how I will scolded. I preferred  quitting the job completely. 

Going back to my uncle’s place I found my aunt so angry because I didn’t provide anything in her house. I  was sent away but luckily for me my friend Abdi accepted me to stay with him. Even when I left my  uncle never cared about me anymore. I thought myself as a mistake and burden but I never let myself to  give up. I can say it wasn’t easy I had to work harder and struggle day and night to make a better life.  After saving my little money from work I decided to be a fish monger. I would go and buy fish at the  ocean and sell it to people, each day it became my daily routine until my business started expanding.  When my uncle heard about my business was growing rapidly he wasn’t happy. He planned for me to be  arrested saying I stole his money to use as capital for my business. I was arrested one day while being  busy on selling. I had no one to turn to and tell it was a lie. 

After several months in jail I was released and I promised myself not to associate with anything to do  with my uncle nor to forgive him. I went back to my friend and I can say he was a true friend. He lended  money to me to start a fresh the business . I did business for some years despite challenges I conquered  everything that came across. The time I thought I had succeeded in life another storm came along. We  were fishing deep in the ocean at night when pirates came from nowhere and stole everything from us  leaving our bodies with injuries. I counted it as a big loss so much frustrated by life but still I never lost  hope. After healing I used all kinds of methods to improve my business but it didn’t. On the other hand I  was about to be called bankrupt. The government tax and authority wanted me to pay them a tax debt  and I had no enough cash. I tried every means possible to sustain my business but after trying for long  again I decided to give up . 

One day my friend visited my home and asked me why I decided to give up on business. I told him what I  have been through and that’s when he introduced me to kiwanga doctors.I visited them and told them  my problem half believing it will be solved. I was told there is more hope in my business going back to 

normal and expanding more. They casted away the evil spirit that had drown my business and I was told  to wait for the business promotion and more customers and business partners. 

The next day my uncle came to my home. I was so much surprised and I didn’t want to see him but he  begged while on his knees that he was the cause of even the pirates attacking me and many more  tragedies. I just forgave him and right now my business is among the top listed ones in the country.  Thanks to kiwanga doctors for your help. My business is back to normal. Kiwanga doctors also deal in  healing of various diseases like Pneumonia, High blood pressure and many others. On the other hand  they cast real and genuine spells like Money spell, Black magic spell and many others. 

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