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See The Amount Of Money Maina Kageni Promised Sanaipei Tande If She Gave Him a Baby

The amount of money that MAINA KAGENI promised SANAIPEI TANDE if she gave him a baby – This aging bachelor has real thirst

Talented singer and actress, Sanaipei Tande, claims that famous Classic FM presenter, Maina Kageni, had promised her half a million Kenyan shillings, more than a decade ago, if she agreed to have his baby.

Speaking in an interview on The Trend Show with Amina, Sana, as she is commonly known in the showbiz circles, said that she was 22 years old when Maina made the ‘indecent proposal’

The multi-talented singer, actress, and presenter had just joined Kiss 100 when Maina approached her and confessed that he would love to father a kid with her.

“Maina was ready to give Ksh 500,000 if I gave him a baby, “she said.

However, she turned down his offer since she was too young.

Last year during a question and answer with his fans, Maina revealed that Sanaipei is his celebrity crush.

He went on to reveal that he had asked Sanaipei to have his baby.

“I actually made an indecent proposal to her, I told her, I don’t want a relationship but have a baby for me. And she used to joke around the corridors, baba nanimama nani when I told her I was dead serious. Coz, she just got all the genes you would want in a baby aki Sana aliundwa on a Sunday,” he added.

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