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Irungu Kang’ata Now Regrets Abandoning Uhuru’s Winning Team To Join Ruto’s Loosing Team


Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata is now doubting himself after his prediction on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) failed spectacularly.

Speaking during an interview, Kang’ata hinted at carrying out another survey to determine the popularity of the BBI bill in the Mt. Kenya region just to clear his doubts.

In his initial research on BBI, Kang’ata established the document was unpopular among Mt Kenya people. He wrote a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta and advised him as such.

However, on Tuesday, February 23, all the county assemblies of the Mt. Kenya region endorsed the bill and later rejoiced with hundreds of locals who were filmed dancing to the famous Firirinda song, something that did not go down well with Kang’ata.

He defended his survey saying he based his assessment on the responses he got from the people and not county assemblies.

He argued the government took some of his recommendations seriously and further used threats and intimidation to force MCAs to pass the draft.

“I know how the government works, I knew it will be very easy to mobilise and manipulate MCAs and ensure they pass the bill,” said the Murang’a senator.

Asked whether he still believes the people will shoot down the bill in the referendum, the outspoken lawmaker said he would have to carry out another survey to establish that.

“When you look at my letter I said BBI was unpopular as by that time, as to whether it will go up or it will remain unpopular, I think I may have to do another survey and confirm that,” said the senator.