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Justina Syokau – Valentine Boyfriend [Mp3 Download]


Valentine Boyfriend by Justina Syokau [Video Download].

Justina Syokau – Valentine Boyfriend [Mp3 Download]

Gospel singer and ‘2021’ hitmaker Justina Syokau is back again with Valentine’s song dubbed Valentine Boyfriend featuring a local comedian.

In the song that was released Friday, she says that God has remembered her by giving her a boyfriend after praying for some time. She goes on to sing that her boyfriend has a “personal ” face but in his heart is handsome and loaded with money.

The singer once made headlines after describing her choice for a husband; a wealthy one who is “good in bed.”

“Valentines jamani imefika, nimepata boyfriend, nimepata mpenzi, Mungu amenikumbuka baada ya kuomba sana, wako ako wapi?ama ameenda mens conference, nimepata mpenzi sura personal lakini moyoni ni handsome, tajiri kimfuko na kimapenzi,” a part of the song goes.

The song which was released Friday stirred mixed reactions among netizens with some condemning her while others congratulated her.

“Kazi safi madam ‘Wooow nimeipenda ‘kweli ni valentine manenos.Wooi wangapi wanasema kazi iko sawa jamani ‘Aki njooni tumpe likes.” Singer Zipporah Eric said.

Lanet Mwende said, “Sura personal… Stingy men association and men conference has made this song relatable to today’s society.”

Victor prince said, ” Hello madam 2020, You are just becoming a just a secular singer/artist. Even if you incorporate God, it can’t be a gospel song at all. Mark that the word valentine doesn’t exist in the constitution of the Christians. You are just doing it for money simple. “

Dominana Kyalo added, “You need intercessory prayers, this is how some gospel artist mislead innocent believers, especially those whos’ faith is put in a test, may the spirit of the Lord locate you before is too late,” she said.