Ruto Names The Two Leaders He Is Afraid of Ahead of 2022...

 Ruto Names The Two Leaders He Is Afraid of Ahead of 2022 ; Why You Might Wait Longer for Covid-19 Vaccine & Ruto Addresses Speculation on His 2022 Running Mate


Good morning,

Are we throwing the coronavirus-caution to the wind a tad too fast? It seems so, going by the behavior of citizens over the past weekend.

In Kisumu during the burial of footballer Kevin Oliech, residents turned out in crowds to welcome Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to the Lakeside City.

And in Kakamega, the Luhya nation held their famous bullfighting event that was attended by cultural fanatics in hundreds, with zero regard to social distancing guidelines.

The same was the case in Athi River, where hundreds flocked Deputy President William Ruto’s entourage just to have a glance at him as he attended a church service.

Remember that during the government’s COVID-19 virtual conference on Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that although our infection rate has dropped significantly, we are still at a critical stage.

Our behavior over the coming few weeks is what will determine if the infections clear out, or escalate to thousands.

Therefore, we need to avoid getting too overexcited about getting back to our social lives, and instead, practice caution so as to secure the same life for the future.

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