Kenyan Marriages To Be Conducted Digitally

Kenyan Marriages To Be Conducted Digitally


Sheria House in Nairobi

The office of the Attorney General on Friday unveiled a platform which will ensure couples seeking to privately tie the knot will no longer have to make numerous visits to seek marriage registration services.

The new e-registration platform will enable both Kenyan and foreign nationals to initiate and complete the process of registration of marriage services online, and will, as a result, eliminating the need for couples to make long trips to the marriage registry.

Thanks to the latest move, partners will now only visit the registrar’s office on the final day after all other processes have been concluded online.

This new introduction is aimed at reducing human traffic and also support efforts to combat the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Before the pandemic hit the country, the Registry was serving an average of 600 clients daily and the services were being offered manually.

Since March this year, however, the Registry had to devise ways of offering marriage services in compliance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

How the process will work

With the new system, couples will be required to log in to where they will fill registration forms upon which they will be notified within a period of 21 days.

After uploading their documents, the couple will be required to make payments online through end to cash transactions which the registry also announced.

Once the 21-day period lapses couples will be notified online and an appointment date for visiting the Registrar will be scheduled for them.

Couples will be required to wear masks and sanitize when they show up.

On the marriage day, those tying the knot are only be accompanied by two witnesses.

The registrar will officiate the ceremony within 20 minutes.

On the appointment day, couples are advised to arrive 15 minutes earlier with those who don’t honour their appointments warned that they will have to rebook online for a new date to avoiding congestion.

The marriage registry said the services, which are currently limited to Nairobi residents where the demand is very high, will be decentralized to other regions in August.

The Attorney General’s office on May 20 suspended marriage services due to high client numbers, in compliance with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines of social distancing.

The Registry reported about 2,551 marriages were put on hold at the time.

Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in the country in March, most couples have opted to conduct weddings with only family members and close friends, with others resorting to tying the knot at Sheria House hence the surge in the number of clients.

Attendance in wedding ceremonies is limited to only 15 people, with existing virus containment protocols limiting wedding services to 45 minutes.

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