Are Betty Kyalo And Joho Dating Again After Twitter DCI Them “Spotted”...

Are Betty Kyalo And Joho Dating Again After Twitter DCI Them “Spotted” Flying To Pick Raila From Dubai ?


What’s going on between Joho and  Betty Kyalo?


Betty Kyalo

Nothing is impossible when it comes to romance !! Can you keep up with Betty Kyalo’s secret love life? It’s basically celebrity problems.

After keeping things quiet since their much-publicized breakup in 2018, Mombasa Governor Ali Joho and Betty Kyalo are back in the spotlight with dating rumours fueling again. According to hawk-eyed microblogging site Twitter DCIs, a new photo of Joho and Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Muhamed aboard a private jet to Dubai to pay ODM leader Raila Odinga a visit in the United Arab Emirates had fans speculating that another reunion of exes occurred.

Netizens spotted the same handbag that Betty had before and matched it with the one that was apparently in the private jet. Joho and Betty Kyalo have a pretty interesting past, to say at least and according to netizens, the two remain close after their short-lived fling.

According to an investigation by Uhondo News, the picture is from Kyalo’s archives around  2018. Don’t ruffle your feathers yet! While no reports have been shared of any interaction between them, Betty doesn’t want a relationship, especially with someone considered to be a ” womanizer ” and haven’t been in touch since their split. If something is going on between the two, stay tuned for more updates.

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