Singer Alvan Gatitu Evicted Out Of His House Over Rent Arrears As...

Singer Alvan Gatitu Evicted Out Of His House Over Rent Arrears As Covid-19 Bites


Alvan Gatitu failed to pay his rent for a couple of months

Alvan Gatitu

Singer and comedian Alvan Gatitu was evicted out of his house over rent arrears, which he could not raise due to the adverse effects of the novel coronavirus.

Taking to Instagram, he uploaded a video to narrate what he has been going through. Gatitu said that he had just woken up from sleeping in a guard’s booth at the time he was recording the video.

According to him, he tried calling his landlady but her calls went unanswered.

So covid-19 imeaffect watu wengi in various ways kuna wenye wamekuwa wagonjwa and those ones who their livelihoods have been affected. I’m here to attest to the second part where your live hood has been affected. The reason why I’m on the street right now recording at 5.30 in the morning is because I just woke up. I slept in a guard’s booth hapa Riara kwa sababu nilifungiwa nyumba,” he said.

He added : “My land lady and landlord waliamua wako na shida zao na mimi nikaenda zangu so mimi nililala nje. Please note that as this was happening nilikuwa nimekatiwa maji na stima for one and a half weeks. Just trying to make ends meet zimekataa because livelihood ya watu wengi imekuwa affected and business wasn’t working.

However, the former Tusker Project Fame contestant encouraged people undergoing through tough times not to give up.



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