The Obamas involved in major online spat over Barack’s birth certificate

The Obamas involved in major online spat over Barack’s birth certificate


Always spiteful of his more successful brother, Malik Obama has become a darling of US conservatives including President Trump.

His tweets have often been retweeted by Trump, and his latest will particularly beloved by Trump’s supporters.

For many years, Trump has championed the conspiracy theory that President Obama was not born in the US, which would have disqualified him from running for president. He said that the former president was born in Kenya and regularly chided him and demanded he shows his birth certificate.

That eventually happened when the state of Hawaii where he was born released the certificate. But conspiracy theorists have never let the topic die.

On Monday night, the former Siaya gubernatorial aspirant shared what looked like the always contentious Barack birth certificate.

“What’s this?” he captioned the image of the document which has an Australian stamp.

The tweet caught Auma Obama’s attention and as always she defended her younger brother.

In a series of tweets, Auma who hosted Obama in 2018 during the Sauti Kuu Foundation launch, said that Malik was a tad jealous of their sibling.

She advised the elder Obama to “seek relevance elsewhere.”

Auma also noted that during his first visit to Kenya back in 1987, Malik was among those who welcomed the man who went on to become the first black president of the US.

“Long before he even knew he would be president my little brother visited his fatherland and was embraced by all!!! Malik, you took centre stage in welcoming him!!!” she exclaimed.

Malik’s dislike for his younger brother was highlighted when he openly endorsed Donald Trump’s presidency.

Asked why he settled for a Trump presidency, the older Obama said, “Hillary Clinton is a liar and totally corrupt. What is her Clinton Foundation doing for Kenya if she loves Obama so much? Mr Trump is a successful businessman he will make America great again. He is not heartless. I will not be humiliated anymore by anybody.”

Once upon a time so close were the Obama brothers that Malik was Barack’s best man when he exchanged nuptials with Michelle Obama.

But he has since accused Obama of not supporting him, careerwise and in his personal life.

“My two children died it was nothing to him. No condolences, nothing!” he once said.

At the begin of the year, Malik was once again on the offence after Barack apparently purchased a Sh1.5 billion home.

“A rising tide lifts all boats but not in Barack Obama‘s case. Buys a $15 million home and tells me to my face that he’s broke. Slick as s*** folks,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to TMZ, the Obamas were in the process of buying a 29 acre Martha’s Vineyard estate with a beachfront, 6,892-square-foot main house and seven-bedrooms.

They were apparently just renting the property for the summer but loved it so much that they made an offer.

Social media users, just like Auma, have insisted that the elder Obama earns a living just like everyone else.

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