Bahati And Willy Paul Squash Beef

Bahati And Willy Paul Squash Beef


Bahati and Willy Paul make amends


It looks like two gospel singers Willy Paul and Bahati have hushed things out after a short-lived online beef.

Chopping it up with Uhondo News, Bahati talked about their numerous run-ins with Willy Paul and laughed off the feud. Mtoto wa Mama revealed that they have apparently picked up phones and got things sorted out.

β€œHuyu bro yangu Willy nampenda sana, hata juzi nilikuwa na yeye. Ni ufala tuu anakuwanga nayo, we talk every week, tunatembelenanga studio and all that. There is no beef, hiyo ilikuwa utoto ya kitambo,” Bahati said.

He added that he is using their newfound friendship to bring Willy Paul back to the gospel industry.


If you missed the beef, Willy Paul sent some shade Bahati’s way by claiming that his vocals are failing. The Sitolia hitmaker told Diana Marua to help her hubby sing instead of just spending his cash.

β€œBwana Diana utatuonyesha Mambo kweli si uache hata Diana aimbe. Diana saidia Bwana yako we unataka ulishwe ulishwe Bwana anapoteza vocals we uko hapo unakula tu, Saidia Bwana. β€œ he said.

Thankfully, this got done quickly. There’s no time for petty feuds right now.




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