Meet Elijah Ntokoiwuan : The Physically Challenged Businessman Who Has Asked His...

Meet Elijah Ntokoiwuan : The Physically Challenged Businessman Who Has Asked His Taxi Drivers To Keep Their Daily Earnings Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


Mr Elijah Ntokoiwuan is giving his taxi drivers and tenants a break


With the government taking extreme precautions in the attempt to control the further spread of the novel coronavirus, closing all businesses and learning institutions, most of the  Kenyans are worried about how they are they are going to make ends meet.

Fortunately, for Uber drivers employed by one Narok Physically challenged businessman Mr Elijah Ntokoiwuan are glad that their boss is doing something great for the sake of humanity.Mr.Ntokoiwuan has asked his drivers to hold on to their daily earnings. Besides that, he is also a landlord and has waived rents for his tenants in Majengo Estate, Narok Town to ease their distress during such trying times.

When the country reported it’s first cases of coronavirus in March, Mr.Ntokoiwuan waived rent for two months and now the period has elapsed, he has asked them only to pay half of the amount which Ksh.6000 only.

These are hard economic times and I have asked my tenants who have always been faithful in paying their rents to pay half of the money. The same goes to my two taxi drivers whom I have asked to pocket any revenue they are earning during this difficult season,” he said.

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The 31-year-old businessman earns  Ksh 120,000 per month from his real estate business and Ksh 45,000 per month from the transport business. Mr Mr.Ntokoiwuan is pleading with other landlords in the country to take the hits on behalf of their tenants and be understanding of what’s possible now.

Small and independent businesses have taken a huge hit forcing to temporarily to shut down leaving business owners, entrepreneurs and workers concerned about their well-being.

Hopefully, we will overcome!



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