‘Address Indians Only Apartments’ : Khaligraph Jones Narrates His Painful Experience

‘Address Indians Only Apartments’ : Khaligraph Jones Narrates His Painful Experience


Khaligraph Jones talks about his experience with racism

Khaligraph Jones

Following the death of an unarmed black man in the US which has led to protests and the resurgence of Black Lives Movement, several artists around the world have come out to ensure their share of voice and narrate their experiences with racism.

Kenyan Rapper Khaligraph Jones took a moment on his Instagram to recall his painful experience of racism that he faced. The Me Siogopi rapper seemed sick and tired of Indians getting to racially discriminate other people of colour, especially blacks.

Khaligraph admits that last year he went for house hunting in Langata but was blocked from accessing the apartments because he is black and only Indians are allowed to own apartments in that area.

Last year I went to Langata to inquire about some Nice houses I had seen on the Internet, after getting there we were prevented from Entering the Estate cause we were told we aren’t Indians,”  he wrote.

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Papa Jones continued: “ Apparently only Indians can own property in That Area, Niljua Ni mazishi Nikarudi Kayole polepole. The OG was not respected.” 

It is necessary for us to put pressure and racial equality to be reached in the country.


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