Woman Dumps Hubby And Daughter After Being Laid Off Due To Coronavirus...

Woman Dumps Hubby And Daughter After Being Laid Off Due To Coronavirus Crisis


The woman packed up her bags and left as coronavirus continues to bite


Some issues aren’t just meant to be. A man in Rongai, Kajiado county has been left traumatized after his wife of two years reportedly split up with him after losing his job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr John Kilonzo revealed to Uhondo News that his wife started becoming disrespectful and would throw tantrums not long after the layoff.  Not even their 8-month old baby could keep them together.

It’s very demoralising.No matter how much I tried talking to her, she would shout at me. She eventually left with her belongings saying that I couldn’t maintain her anymore despite the situation in the country. I have been thinking I wasn’t good enough for her all along,” said Kilonzo.

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Efforts to reach out to her wife proved futile as several calls went unanswered. With the pandemic still raging the country, Mr.Kilonzo is still uncertain about the future.

As a result of the extended economic uncertainty caused by the novel Coronavirus, many companies have been forced to lay off their staff en masse or reduced salaries in an effort to shore up their finances.


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