Nandy Reveals The Unbelievable Number Of Guests Set To Attend Her Wedding

Nandy Reveals The Unbelievable Number Of Guests Set To Attend Her Wedding


Nandy want 200-300 people in attendance


Tanzanian songstress Nandy and his fiancé are set to tie the knot but their plans have been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The two lovebirds have not been shy to share their relationship journey and as much as they have disclosed about their big day, they’ve kept their wedding date secret. In one of her more revealing interview with East Africa TV’s show Dadaz,, the Ninogeshe singer disclosed that she wants a 200-300 guest list in order to make her wedding worth it.

” Nataka harusi yangu iwe na watu 300 au 400 sio ya watu wachache kisa kuogopa Corona” said Nandy.

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Her announcement comes hot on the heels of his husband-to-be confirmation that his closest friends, Dogo Janja and Idris Sultan won’t be invited to his wedding. The rapper claimed that the two are ‘gangsters” and both had failed relationships.

Lakini najua Idriss ni muhuni tu mmoja, yaani kweli mimi nioe nisimamiwe na muhuni!, itakuwa ndoa ya kihuni, Dogo Janja mwenyewe mahusiano yake yameshakuwa na changamoto, meli kibao zimeshazama, kwa hiyo tutazama wote,”  said Bill Nass.

Nandy and Bill Nass announced their engagement last month. The two dated before but broke up in 2017 and the Nandy went on date Ruge Mutahaba who passed on about a year ago. After his death, they decided to give their romance another try.



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