Reckless slayqueen wants Sh7 million from estranged husband

Reckless slayqueen wants Sh7 million from estranged husband


Grace Wacera Githenji, Inooro TV marketer

Grace Wacera Githenji, a marketer for the Inooro TV was last week the talk of ‘town’ among her colleagues at Royal Media Services after her kids publicly humiliated her by refusing to go home with her after she won the custody case at Kiambu Law Courts.

UhondoNews has learnt that the lady was demanding over Sh7 million per year from her husband Joseph Murimi Wanjohi.

According to a local blog, in typical slayqueen style, the lady in exchange would offer care, love and affection in return. However, going through her story, it depicts that she has none of those qualities. Her husband, who is a Jua Kali has all along been taking good care of the children without her. It is alleged that she last abandoned her children in two years ago and has been moving around with her boyfriends.

According to court documents, the Inooro TV ad-seller is demanding Sh440,000 per month; Sh200,000 per kid during the holidays (they have three kids, calculate with three holidays in mind per year); Sh250,000 car insurance per year, School fees for all the three kids, and medical insurance.

In addition to that, she demands the husband meets the cost of the suit, that is, pay her lawyers and any other monies the court can deem fit to give her.

When the story broke out last week on Sunday, 24th 2020, many Kenyans expressed dissatisfaction with it calling it an extortion scheme.

As the story was shared today, one facebooker wrote: “she should not be allowed even near them I think the Kenyan law should change if one rejects his or her kids should never be allowed to see them, because they are just animals who want pity and money in the name of kids support mostly women nimeeenda“.

The case still continues even as the kids rejected the mother.

One thing that comes out from this story of neglect is that the court didn’t consider that Grace Wacera is only after money and not the well-being of her kids. She abandoned them many times.


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