Femi One Gives Powerful Advice To Unappreciated Kenyan Talents (VIDEO )

Femi One Gives Powerful Advice To Unappreciated Kenyan Talents (VIDEO )


Femi One gives out her two cents

Femi One

” Why am I am unappreciated? ” a talented Kenyan aks him/herself

Don’t worry, Kenyan female rapper has an answer for you! Femi One has been in the music industry for six years and she has seen and experienced more than most.

In recent Instagram, she shared a clip of herself and gave advice to Kenyan talents on what they need to do early if they indeed want to become successful. The Utawezana rapper seemed pissed off following the recent MCSK directive requiring one to acquire public performance and special broadcast licences to live stream music.

Femi One urged Kenyans with talents that once an opportunity to go abroad presents itself, they shouldn’t hesitate to leave and seek their talents elsewhere. She claimed that officials in this country are greedy and pursue self-interests.

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Kama we ni msee uko na talent… na umepata chance ya kwenda majuu ama country nyingine… mimi kama Femi One nakubeg ,beba virago zako zote uende…ukichoose kukaa kwa hii country utakufa maskini,” she said in part of the video.

However several artists chimed her comment section and advised her that artists should support each other and change the system.

According to MCSK yesterday’s directive, DJs would be issued with a licence at a flat rate of around Ksh.200,000 a year if they’re not making any money from using someone else’s content (in this case, music).

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