Millicent Omanga back to “Ushago” after facing Jubilee Disciplinary Committee

Millicent Omanga back to “Ushago” after facing Jubilee Disciplinary Committee


The ruling Jubilee Party has certainly made good its threat to straighten its wayward legislators.

Among them, Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga who on Wednesday afternoon appeared before a disciplinary committee where she asserted her loyalty to the party.

Omanga was charged with gross insubordination for failing to attend a parliamentary group meeting at State House convened by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week.

She, however, repeatedly defended her case by saying she was never invited to the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting for Senators that axed former Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and Majority Whip Susan Kihika.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, Omanga was in a group of about 100 parliamentarians who gathered for a press briefing at Parliament buildings to defend Deputy President William Ruto against threats of impeachment by a rival camp of the Jubilee Party referred to as ‘Kieleweke.’

Donned in a red jacket and black dress, Omanga conspicuously stood out from the group dubbed ‘Tanga Tanga’ as she uttered words she perhaps never imagined would haunt her sooner than later.

In a show of solidarity with the country’s second-in-command and without mincing her words, Omanga said: “We hear that they want to bring a motion to impeach the Deputy President… I want to tell them ‘bring it on baby… bring it on. We are waiting. Let them bring the impeachment motion.”

Appearing before the committee, Omanga was tasked to explain what she was referring to when she said ‘bring it on… bring it on.”

Struggling to give a convincing response, Omanga claimed she was defending the party against “perpetrators” whom she said were all over social media.

“I was defending our party against the perpetrators; that is people who don’t support our party,” she said.

Asked to specifically point out the said perpetrators, she said: “Mr. Chair they are on social media. I was just responding to media and social media. it was a social media… media thing.”

Hours after the heated session, the nominated Senator has taken to social media to share her other skills after spending a tough day in the hands of ruthless Jubilee Disciplinary Committee.

In the images making rounds online, she was pictured attending to a seemingly healthy vegetable garden.

“After a long day; taking care of my veges Face savouring food. #MamaMIRADI.” she captioned the post.

Regardless of sharing her farming skills with Kenyans on Twitter, some were still mocking her for what they said ’embarrassing the English’ language.

VIDEO: Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga Showing Off Her Dance Moves

Omanga was not fluent in her spoken English while facing the panel and could be heard struggling to collect all the flow of her language.

Other senators who felt the sting of the hot seat included Senator Victor Prengei who faced charges of failing to attend the May 11 meeting, openly opposed the decision taken by the party following the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting, advancing positions inside and outside of the senate contrary to the party and many more.

The senator defended his absence to the fact that he had travelled to his village and that he received no SMS inviting him to attend the meeting.

“In my village Mr. chairman, we have very poor network coverage, poor road network and no electricity. My phone was off, so I came to Nakuru to charge my phone… a colleague asked me why I didn’t come to the meeting when I was on my way to Nairobi,” he said.


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