Marini Naturals Catches Some Serious Heat Over ” P0rn-oriented ” Ad Of...

Marini Naturals Catches Some Serious Heat Over ” P0rn-oriented ” Ad Of Its New Product


Marini Naturals is facing backlash over its new ad

Marini Naturals

Marini Naturals Founder Michelle Ntalami

Yesterday, Marini Naturals founder Michelle Ntalami introduced a product, the Marini body oils but the company took a different approach when announcing the new addition hence getting into trouble from the Twitterverse.

In the ad below, you can several models including DJ Pierra Makena, Akothee’s daughter Rue baby, Kenyan rapper Naiboi and others market the new product. It seems the company’s main aim was to create a social media buzz and had been expecting some of the backlashes over the controversial ad which will later lead to a spike in sales.

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This is especially true when companies are nowadays deciding to plunge into societal issues, however controversial they may be. As expected, social media has gone bonkers over this Marini ad. Netizens felt that the ads in question were insensitive, porn-related and doesn’t reflect the African culture.

Check out some of their reactions below ;

Some of the folks felt viewers took the advertisement out of context and didn’t find the material insensitive.

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