UNBELIEVABLE !! Meet The 50-year-old Woman Who Has Defied The Laws Of...

UNBELIEVABLE !! Meet The 50-year-old Woman Who Has Defied The Laws Of Aging (PHOTOS)


This 50-year-old  woman is aging in reverse!


Most women who are past 40, 2 or 3  kids likely don’t have the time or money to keep their frame in check. However, on Tuesday, a woman identified as Saida Ramirez revealed that she turned 50 on Friday, 15 May, a milestone that shocked netizens given that her swim in the fountain of youth has yet to fade!

Taking to Instagram, Saida took a moment to share mind-blowing pictures of herself celebrate the special moment in her life much to the awe of her followers. The age-defying look was well received by tons of netizens who left a slew of compliments and for the non-believers, she went ahead and posted pictures of her three daughters to prove them wrong.

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Funny enough, Saida looks younger than her eldest daughter. Furthermore, to prove that she is indeed 50, she went on to post her social security card.

For being 50 years old and looking uber- good, we at Uhondo News give her nothing but props, no doubt! Perhaps Siada will be kind enough to let us know about her secrets to her ageless beauty!

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