Njugush’s Wife Pens Loving Message On His 29th Birthday

Njugush’s Wife Pens Loving Message On His 29th Birthday


Comedian Njugush’s wife wished him a birthday message as he turns 29.


Earlier today,Comedian Njugush’s wife Celestine Ndinda Kimani let her love glow as she celebrated the 29th birthday of her hubby . Celestine took to her Instagram to pen a short but sweet message for the world to see.

” Happy birthday Tim, 28 was a great year!!! Sasa uko lap ya mwisho ya 20’s 😱 enyewe uzee haina hodi 😂😂😂. Wishing you nothing but God’s favour upon your life,”  Celestine wrote . ” Tugi and I are lucky to have you in our lives. 🥂 cheers to more life baba Tugi. Nakupenda tu sana yaani, kiwendo fulani kiAmazing! ❤❤ “

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During these unprecedented times, people have been left to wonder what birthday celebrations might be due to the restrictions imposed in the country to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.We hope Njugush will have a proper celebration  with his family since going out to spend time with a large group of friends and family will be irresponsible during these troubling times.

Happy Birthday Njugush !




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