Super Producer Magix Enga Called Out In A Scathing Rant : “Kiburi...

Super Producer Magix Enga Called Out In A Scathing Rant : “Kiburi haikupekeli mahali”


DJGylo had some harsh words for Super producer Magix Enga

Magix Enga

Amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, there’s no shortage of drama in the entertainment scene as storylines are even getting crazier. Get your popcorn ready! Super Producer Magix Enga has been making profound waves since last year. The release of his produced song, “Dundaing”   helped put him on everybody’s radar.

Last night in the Twitterverse, his former partner apparently went off at a complete tangent, and man did he have plenty to say about Magix Enga. The Audio Video producer identified as DJ Gylo tweeted some major shade and it seems as if he is fed up with Enga’s antics.

This boy Magix Enga After kumlea all that long trying my best amake it in life hadi nakosana na presenters nikijaribu wacheze ngoma zake sai ameunda kajina ako na guts za kunitext upus.Heshimu mzazi..Kiburi haikupekeli mahali. I wanted nothing from you but respect! Be humble,” read his caption of a tweeted screenshot of his Whatsapp conversation with the producer.

While you might be wondering why the producer would lay his ex-partner head beneath the guillotine so publically, the animosity appears to stem from the fact that he birthed Magix Enga.

Magix Enga is yet to reply to him as he is gearing to release his new album dubbed ‘Velocity’.The only question that remains now is; Can a bromance be repaired once it’s broken?

Check out DJGylo ‘ twitter rant below, and stay tuned because there will surely be more tea to come!





















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