“Storm is Coming!”- Ann Kiguta warns Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Storm is Coming!”- Ann Kiguta warns Uhuru Kenyatta.


K24 news anchor Anne Kiguta addressed President Uhuru Kenyatta directly on Sunday, May 17 as she delivered an editorial comment on her talk show, Punchline.

Kiguta warned Uhuru not to rest easy as his new-found allies in the opposition cheered on the removal of allies of Deputy President William Ruto from leadership positions.

She cautioned Uhuru that he could yet be betrayed by opposition leader Raila Odinga, noting that Uhuru’s former rivals had not moved on from alleged injustice meted on them by Uhuru and Ruto.

Kiguta referenced comments made in the National Assembly by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MPs Junet MohammedJohn Mbadi and Senator James Orengo who delivered heavy criticism of the executive over the handling of floods, Covid-19 and evictions.

Anne Kiguta (left) with Deputy President William Ruto at the DP's Karen, Nairobi home in July 2019

Anne Kiguta (left) with Deputy President William Ruto at the DP’s Karen, Nairobi home in July 2019


The anchor reiterated that a storm was on the horizon, warning the President that it could come from a place he did not expect.

She noted that the discussion on who between Ruto and Uhuru betrayed the other first had been rendered irrelevant by recent political happenings.

“Betrayal begets betrayal. We know full well the narrative is whom betrayed whom, that frankly no longer matters.

“What matters is that a series of events have been set in motion where each side is waiting to land a punch, and while the obvious place to look for retaliation will be the DP’s side, tonight, a humble word of caution for President Kenyatta.

“The recent wrangles in Jubilee have exposed the weakness in the political marriage of the President and his Deputy. For the marriage analogy, consider all the nosy neighbors who were previously envious of this partnership of Uhuru and Ruto who have now seen the weak spot,” she stated.

Kiguta opined that opposition lawmakers, particularly in the Raila Odinga-led ODM, were yet to move on from the tactics employed by Uhuru and Ruto against them during elections in 2013 and 2017.

“A leopard rarely changes its spots. Would you really believe that there is no grudge on the part of those who were crushed by Uhuru and Ruto when they joined hands in 2013 and 2017?

“These new friends may seem like a welcome distraction for the groom. But the more important thing to consider is, are they really friends to begin with? Or have they now only come close enough to settle old political scores,” she posed.

She advised Uhuru to take the ODM MPs’ harsh words in Parliament seriously, asserting that it could portend doom for his legacy and plans.

“Take the comments by ODM’s Junet Mohammed and James Orengo last week in Parliament not just as politics as usual. When Junet and Orengo, the key insiders in ODM chastise the government even saying they should resign, then see it for what it is.

“A God-given reminder that President Kenyatta’s new friends still have scores to settle.

“Consider this a most humble heads up President Kenyatta, the handshake may have been the most sincere thing on your part, but no good deed goes unpunished. A storm is coming, but you may be surprised to see who brings the lightning and the thunder,” she asserted.

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