Nandy Slams Critics Of Her Broken English

Nandy Slams Critics Of Her Broken English


Nandy  had some choice words to her critics


It seems as if Tanzanian Songstress Nandy will never get a break from her social media followers regarding her broken English.

Nandy is currently making waves on East Africa’s music scene which could be easily attributed to her remarkable voice. Many of her fans have been quick to jump on her and accuse her of being poor in English. She had quite a bit to say on a recent Instagram Live where she had a message to all her critics.

The Ninogeshe crooner and her vivacious personality came out of the gate full swinging and didn’t hold back her words. She let her critics know that many people have been successful without being good in speaking English.

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Sitaki kuongea vibaya nikaonekana na kiburi, lakini waacheni watu wakue taratibu na waendee kwa hatua kama nitakuuliza wewe unayejua kingereza kimekufikisha wapi na mimi nisiyejua kimenifikisha wapi, ni watu wawili tofauti,” Nandy said to the camera.

She went on to say that : “Kwa hiyo mtu kujua kingereza na kutokujua haimnyimi kufika shehemu anayotaka kufika kwa sababu wapo wanaojua kingereza sana na hawajafika popote na wapo ambao hawajui na wamefika, hivi hivi taratibu tutafika.”

Nandy attended Mawenzi Primary School and later joined Lomwe High School where she became the head of School choir. After high school, she joined College of Business Education (CBE), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania but later dropped out of school to pursue her music career.









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