People Say You and I Would be Good Together- Lilian Muli Pours...

People Say You and I Would be Good Together- Lilian Muli Pours Heart To Robert Burale


Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has opened up about her feelings towards city pastor Robert Burale in a sweet birthday message. Taking to her Instagram page, Muli revealed the nature of her relationship with the pastor saying he is one of the people who know her deep secrets.

According to Muli, Burale is among the few people who have never given up on her and have stood by her through her darkest times.

As we know, the top journalist has had quite a rough path in her past relationships and this might be one of those darkest times she is referring to. Muli in a recent question and answer segment with her fans disclosed that she has been through abusive/ toxic relationships in the past.

In the birthday message to Burale, Muli expressed her gratitude towards Burale for the days he called to check up and even prayed with and for her.

Even though Muli admits that people have always told them that they would make a good couple, she maintains that Burale is a Darling friend and the love she has for him is beyond how other people would describe it.

She signs off from the lengthy birthday message declaring her love for Burale and wishes him God’s favour.

On 5 May, Burale also dedicated a special prayer for the media personality who was celebrating her 38th birthday. Excited  Muli shared the video of her prayer on her timeline calling Burale a ‘snack’. From how they tease each other on social media, it is pretty clear that they have a perfect bond as friends.

Check out Muli’s birthday message to Burale

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