Mhh Mhh..Harmonize’s Alleged Side Chick Nicole Joy Berry Reveals Her Favourite S3x...

Mhh Mhh..Harmonize’s Alleged Side Chick Nicole Joy Berry Reveals Her Favourite S3x Position !


Nicole Joy Berry opens about her favourite sex position


For those who have on social media regularly, you’ve probably observed that there has been an influx of Live and Ask me sessions. Netizens are passing time by live-streaming, including celebrities chatting with another and even engaging in battles to keep their fans entertained.

We all know Harmonize’s alleged side chick Nicole Joy Berry is an open book and clearly is the type of person to kiss and tell. Yesterday, the bootylicious video vixen accepted any and all questions during an “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram.

The 27-year-old vixen was surely expecting a couple of daring fans to come through with raunchy questions about her sex life and she didn’t fail to deliver.

“Doggy or missionary? ” asked a fan. Nicole gave an answer and said, “Scissors”. According to the Kamasutra sex styles, the woman lies comfortably on her back next to the male partner who lies on his side facing her. She throws back one leg on his arm bent at the elbow and slips the other between his legs. The man lifts the upper part of his body and focuses on his left arm bent at the elbow, the second hand is on the breast of his mistress, and the right leg is between her legs slightly bent in the knee.

Elsewhere in the chat after revealing that her hips and butt is 53.4 inches and a good twa twa session should last between 5 minutes to an hour, it explains why this is her favourite position.

Nicole Joy Berry was featured in Tanzanian singer Harmonize’s latest music video for his song ‘Bed Room’ out of his debut album dubbed  ‘Afro East’.

Mhh Mhh there you go, guys. All admirers should take notes!





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