Magix Enga’s Contract Breaching Saga With an Upcoming Artiste Takes a New...

Magix Enga’s Contract Breaching Saga With an Upcoming Artiste Takes a New Twist



Music producer Magix Enga has been expressing his anger through social media for quite some days now after an upcoming artiste he had signed in known as Rudra Kartel breached the contract between them and tarnished his name.

The saga seems to be taking a new twist after the said musician claimed that he was of underage and there is no way he could have signed a contract with Enga.

Enga also seems to be so bitter and his fans have been advising him to keep low and ignore Rudra because he is marketing him too much through his many posts about him.

“I heard @rudra_kartel saying that I forced him To sign @magix_empire contract. Actually Amesema yeye ni under age, that hawezi Sign contract. But in this picture he looks older than me. God help us,” he said.

Rudra is said to have signed a contract with Enga after he quit working with comedian Kartelo complaining of being taken for granted after Kartelo posted his song online to promote him.

Out of pity, comedian Shiti took him to Enga who agreed to sign him through a contract. Rudra, however, left Enga for Vdj Jones after he was offered a free collabo.

It is at this point that he started talking ill of Enga saying that he also used him to make money. Enga claimed there is no way he could produce his EP since it consisted of Vybez Cartel songs.

“Doing all this cz he has a song with @vdj_jones Ameruka contract for a free Callabo. but what can I say. I denied to release his new songs because I Can’t Produce a whole Ep with Vybz Kartel’s Songs. Learn to write your own songs Contract inabaki vile vile ✌️ no free collabos! Nipesa imetuka kufukisha msanii pahali amefika na meno zake safi,” he said.

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