Thai Model Nayika Claps Back At Fan For Calling Her Juma Jux’s...

Thai Model Nayika Claps Back At Fan For Calling Her Juma Jux’s Wife


Nayika was just minding her business when an Instagram user went on to call her Jux’s wife.


Throughout this quarantine, models have been just been dropping off hot thirst traps or encouraging their fans to join OnlyFans to view more of their x-rated pictures. On Monday evening, all Thailand model Nayika Thongom wanted to do was show off her booty and her ridiculously tiny waist.

Because the internet is what it is and can’t avoid netizens who decide to come online to spew thirsty remarks, one Instagram user wouldn’t let her be great and enjoy her moment by commenting that she was Jux’s wife.

Nayika had a little extra time, so she ushered in a clap back implying that she is single.

not him,” she replied.

Not knowing that IG users can be pretty ruthless and don’t know how to quit, other users decided to chime in and castigate her.

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Recently in an interview with Shaffie Weru, Tanzania singer Juma Jux revealed that he had broken things off with the snow bunny due long-distance.

He said of the split, “It didn’t work out. Long-distance is so difficult; I can’t. Now, sitaki wanawake wa mbali. Wanawake wa mbali siwawezi anymore.Nayika was from Thailand. I had known her for a while then we got serious. The thing is, distance; she can’t move here, I can’t move there. We got to a point it became too much. I personally dislike video calls, chatting every time- so it became difficult.”

Check  out Nayika’s response below;






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