Why Rostam’s ” Kaka Tuchati ” Song Is A Masterpiece And Best...

Why Rostam’s ” Kaka Tuchati ” Song Is A Masterpiece And Best Coronavirus Creative Song



Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it has led to some interesting and undeniably boredom-induced creative outlets like Tory Lanez’s  Quarantine radio and Instagram Live battle shows as artists have taken social media to interact with and entertain their fans.

Tanzania’s hip hop group Rostam which consists of Roma and Stamina has decided to join the bandwagon of musicians who have utilized their talents to create hits that call for unity and offer lyrics which people can resonate with during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Releasing the song  Kaka Tuchati and accompanying music video two days ago, Rostam has helped garner tons of attention, racking up over 500,000 views as they help create awareness and poke fun at the paranoia of coronavirus. What’s truly creative about the song is how the story is told in correlation to the song as it filled with comedy and truth-filled verses.

In the song, they speak out on the effects of the virus such as the economy going down, schools, and entertainment joints being closed and loan borrowers regretting.

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The concept of the video breathes new energy as it has Stamina video calling his mate Roma, who is in the US. Roma explains to Stamina who is in Tanzania the importance of ventilators, the use of Chloroquine in ” treating” the virus, and how one can contract it without showing symptoms. He elaborates on how the disease attacks someone and highlights the prevention measures; quarantine, social distancing, and sanitizing.

Roma goes on to mock the fumigation process in Africa as he says it will only kill bugs.

The cinematography, editing, social commentary, or else all these factors combined have made this video stand out from the rest. It’s fun and satisfying seeing the two able to harmonize and create together in real-time despite being continents apart.

Listen to the song below and let us know what you think.








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