Kenyans Smell a Rat after Ruth Matete was Accused of Being Violent...

Kenyans Smell a Rat after Ruth Matete was Accused of Being Violent to Late Husband in Viral Video


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A video made by Nigerian Gospel artist Jesse Mc Jessiey claiming that Ruth Matete was violent to her late husband has raised many eyebrows around the country.

The video making rounds was first posted on Facebook. According to the late Beloved John’s manager, Ruth Matete constantly fought with the late husband and even wanted to kill him.

He dismissed assertions of a gas accident and blames Ruth for the premature demise of the husband. He confirmed that Ruth had stabbed her late husband on three different occasions and he was party to one of their fights in Athi River.

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Sharing Screenshots and Audio, the manager said Ruth had taken the death unusually casual. He then called on the government to conduct an autopsy on the body to find out the exact cause of death.

The whole situation has left Kenyans on the fence with many calling for her arrest while others taking her side saying there is no substantial proof to back up his claims.

Watch the full video here:

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on the heartbreaking story.


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