Did Ruth Matete Kill Her Husband? Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Dissects

Did Ruth Matete Kill Her Husband? Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Dissects


Happier Days: Ruth Matete and her now-deceased Nigerian husband

Last Saturday, Kenyan gospel music fraternity was sent into mourning after news emerged that gospel artiste and Tusker Project Fame 5 winner Ruth Matete had lost her Nigerian husband John Apewajoye alias Beloved John, who died while undergoing treatment for burns at the Kenyatta National Hospital ICU after being transferred from Bellevue hospital ICU in South C estate.

The injuries were reportedly sustained after an accidental gas explosion at their home in Great Wall Gardens, Athi River.

Following the sad news, other celebrities and fans came out to pour condolences to Ruth, who confirmed the sad news of her husband’s passing through her social media pages asking for prayers during her trying moment.

“My Husband Beloved John Apewajoye has gone to be with the Lord ..I humbly ask for your prayers during this difficult time,” Ruth Matete wrote.

Matete got married to her Nigerian husband at a private wedding just 6 months ago and they were expecting their firstborn child.

However, in a video that widely shared on social media last night, a Nigerian man named Jesse McJessy who claims to be a friend and manager to the deceased alleges that Matete had a hand in the husband’s death.

In the clip that sent the online into deep confusion, Jesse narrated that the couple had a troubled marriage, adding that the musician was violent towards her husband.

Attached were audio files recording during one of the couple’s nasty fights in which Ruth stabbed her husband and he retaliated.

He then goes on to raise questions about Ruth’s behavior in light of her husband’s accident. According to him, she did not inform Beloved John’s family in Nigeria about the explosion and neither did she give accurate information in regards to his status in hospital prior to his death.

Additionally, he accused Matete of being psychotic, adding that she had previously stabbed her husband at least three times.

“Beloved John’s marriage was never rosy. Ruth Matete you can tell the whole world the truth. You were very violent, you have stabbed him not once, not twice, not thrice. The last time you tried to kill Belovedjohn, I was there in Athi River in Greatwall Gardens. You guys had a fight and you almost killed him,” he stated.

According to him, Ruth did not inform Beloved John’s family in Nigeria about the explosion and neither did she give accurate information about her status in the hospital.


The video has elicted mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter with ‘Twitter DCI’ scrutinizing the allegations while avid Matete fans. This made Ruth Matete a top trending on Twitter.

Alleged graphic photo of the burn injuries that John Apewajoye suffered as shared by Jesse McJessy

Joining other netizens in trying to solve the deepening puzzle, renowned Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta weighed in on the matter, explaining why he feels the information provided by the self-declared Nigerian manager doesn’t sound as convincing.

City Lawyer Cliff Ombeta: Respected for his prowess in handling criminal cases

In his thread on Twitter, Ombeta noted that most of the claims were from unverified sources and, therefore, cannot be to be believed.

“The narrator is having beef for unpaid services for work done,” he observes in one post, “How did she stab him almost to death, yet he beats her and throws her out of the house and the narrator rescues her? Did he take John to hospital? How did he survive then?” he poises in another.

At the end of his analysis, Ombeta asked Kenyans to allow the Luhya songbird to mourn as we await postmortem results which will then guide detectives in getting to the root of the matter.

Here is what a few more Kenyans had to say…

Do you think the video from the Nigerian manager proves Ruth’s involvement in her husband’s death? We would like to hear your views in the comments section.



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