‘Unakaa Ken Wa Maria’ Chipukeezy Trolled After Rocking New Hairstyle

‘Unakaa Ken Wa Maria’ Chipukeezy Trolled After Rocking New Hairstyle


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TV Presenter and comedian Chipukeezy has been under attack from trolls after he showed off his new hairstyle.

Taking to his Instagram account, Chipukeezy showed off his new hairstyle which he compared to American rapper Kendrick Lamar’s saying they look alike.

He had previously done one like Chris Brown’s which people agreed was sort of similar but his new one has been thoroughly trolled.

According to some fans, the cornrows hairstyle he has now resembles Ken was Maria more than Kendrick Lamar.

They joked that he should stop smoking what he was smoking while others urged him to get rid of the hairstyle altogether as it’s not his style.

Check out the photo lighting up social media below:

Here are some reactions from fans.

Ken wa maria

The one on the left anakaa kuweka sukari kwa chai.. huyo Mwingine huwa Anatafuna Miwa akikunywa maziwa na maji moto. Zote separate

Some dreams are not valid

Unakaa kichwa ndimu😂😂😂toa hizo vitu

Manze hiyo sio type yako

Kijana wa Nacanda nilisema mbangi wacha kambisa

Sipendi watu wana-force issues

Nikama mrenda na soup ya nyama

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