Legally There’s Nothing I Can do! Ezekiel Mutua on Why 10 over...

Legally There’s Nothing I Can do! Ezekiel Mutua on Why 10 over 10 Show is not Banned


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Kenyan moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has always geared himself up when matters of keeping the entertainment scene decent are involved. Even though his role has proven to come with a lot of backlashes.

In a series of tweets, Dr Ezekiel called out on Kenyans who always insult him for condemning obscene content and immoral activities, he added that they will one day realise how his efforts paid off in protecting them.

Engaging with his fans on the comment section, a fan questioned what he was doing about the airing of 10 over 10 show which airs every Friday night on Citizen TV.

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Willis Raburu host of 10 over 10 Show with fans

Ever since the show began airing, Ezekiel said he received a barrage of complaints from parents and concerned Kenyans about 10/10 show. He submitted a bill in Parliament to be able to regulate such shows from airing on mainstream media.

Today, a fan @Eng_McArum asked why Ezekiel allows kids to continue watching that overrated #10over10 joke on citizen Tv and asked him to ban it.

Ezekiel confirmed that the matter was above him and there was little he could do as the show is aired past watershed hours.

In the past, however, the KFCB CEO had mentioned that, despite the show coming within the watershed period, Citizen TV had been using their precious airtime to destroy the moral values of the young people.

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