Kusota Nayo! Huddah Monroe Puts Her Nudes Up For Sale!

Kusota Nayo! Huddah Monroe Puts Her Nudes Up For Sale!



Huddah Monroe

FILLE photo of Huddah Monroe. | The Instagram personality has decided to join the rest of the nation in working from home. Armed with her phone’s camera and home internet, she intends to cash in on this depressing Quarantine period

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has decided to take advantage of this somber quarantine period to cheer up her ever-thirsty fans with rare full access to her curvaceous body at an affordable cost.

The heavily followed social media personality who is currently in Dubai where she was locked down a few weeks ago sent her fans into both excitement and surprise when she announced that she had finally joined the famous UK based adult entertainment app Only Fans”.

She invited her followers to pay a $10  (Ksh 1,000) one-month subscription package and enjoy her naughty chats, videos and ‘never before seen photos’.

Below are screenshots from her social media accounts explaining to her fans what exactly to expect once they acquire membership.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah MonroeHuddah MonroeHuddah MonroeHuddah MonroeHuddah Monroe

In the flooded comments section, fans reacted to the announcement.

It was one by a certain Naya, however, that stood out.

She poised whether the Kikuyu-Somali model whose real name is Alhuda Njoroge had gone broke, to which Huddah emphatically responded to the negative; boastfully making clear that will never happen.


The socialite bragged that she had made a kill out of it and was contemplating whether to disclose the amount or not.

Here is what a few more Kenyans had to say…

vikmbugua Kusota is real😂😂😂😂

l_nevil She has decided to work from home..the stuff will still find it’s way into the public domain.

dudekabarak_ I thought your earnings cost 5milli each why don’t you sell them

edithngugii 😂😂Weeh things have gone south. Kusota is real

moh_kinoti Masponyo washarudia mabibi 😂😂😂itabidi u join clubcovid ushindane na wenzako uko hautakosa ka miatano

leon_leon Nilipe $10 kuona mtu akitingisha mifupa na xvideos ni free

ahmadfouz Kwani amesota aje 😂.

sabaah7777 Hata nyama ya kutwerk huna😂😂nilipe 10$ ..kwani siwazi🙌

kevinn_lloyd Her new career, mentoring SIMPs ,crazy 😂

benson.nderii  Huyu amesota

fetty_samm Wacha ninyonge monkey na mafuta ya taa Sasa. Umekuja sana

wykysavage2 Kwani porn hub ilifungwa??

iamnyadudi Videos zita leak tu. Tutakuwa wa

joj_wabuke 😂😂 heri nifuge kombamwiko

clb.b00ts Pornhub premium ni free😔

ymt_made_reuben Not paying for shit I’ll find it on pornhub pole.

el_chappo_plug 😂😂🔥😂😂tafuta akili.usikue mjinga kuna pornhub na xxx.com

johnte_holms Biz ya kuwa escort haileti na hii corona mabwana wa wenyewe wako nyumbani, amekuwa desparate vibaya




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