Nagging to denying him cookie: List of bad habits breaking your marriage

Nagging to denying him cookie: List of bad habits breaking your marriage


While some people are dying to get married, others are desperate to get out. Marriage should be beautiful, a wife should be welcoming but that is not always the case.

Below are habits that might be pushing your man away from you.

1. Embarrassing him in public

Women chose the worst of places to embarrass their men, something that does not sit well with husbands. It is not shocking anymore to see a woman criticize her man in front of visitors.

Men have a soft ego, don’t embarrass him in any way especially in front of your kids, colleagues, or other family members.

2. Bringing up past mistakes in all arguments

Women never forget; forget their birthday, anniversary or any important days in their lives and you will become sworn enemies.

But hey ladies it’s never that serious if your man forgets your birthday, just forgive him and move on, bringing it up in every argument doesn’t help.

3. Playing mind games

Just tell him what you want..period. Wives should quit playing those mind games where they assume,”If he really loves me he should be able to know what I want.”

4. Trying to compete with the neighbours

Just because you are in the women’s guilds in your local church does not mean that your man should join men’s fellowship. He is a grown up for Gods sake let him do whatever he wants.

Nagging him everyday to buy the latest car like your neighbours will only make him resent you.

Trying to keep up with the Kardashians will only make your blood pressure rise and your man leave you.

Na vile men are hard to come by now-days.

5. Silent treatment

Choosing the silent treatment as a means of protesting, showing you are aggrieved or as a tool of manipulation  can cause more harm than good. Speak up woman – world war is long gone love.

6. Denying him the cookie

Sex is paramount in a relationship, the temptation for women to deny their men sex is very high but it is not the best idea my dear ladies.

If you do not give it to him someone else will do the work for you and do it good. Men hate it when you deny them conjugal rights maybe just because he denied you money to go to the salon.

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