Mwambie Akuletee Donation Ya Chakula! Khaligraph Slams Hater Who Compared Him to...

Mwambie Akuletee Donation Ya Chakula! Khaligraph Slams Hater Who Compared Him to Octopizzo


Secular musician Khaligraph Jones blasted a hater who compared his life to that of namba name musician Octopizzo.

Taking to Instagram, Khaligraph shared a poster with the aim of hyping his fellow musician Nyashinski who was to host a live party on Instagram.

“Brother @realshinski about to go Live, All the Best champ, Make sure Y’all Tune in,” he said.

In response, one of his followers identified as Gervasmuuo, took to the comments section and said how busy Octopizzo was in helping Kibera residents with food but Khaligraph was just busy releasing hit songs.

“Octopizzo is busy donating food stuffs and sanitizers to the Kibera residents…wewe hapa tu ni kutoa ngoma..No giving back to the society,” he said.

His response landed him in hot soup as the OG did not hesitate to clap back telling him he was suffering from hunger.

“Mwambie akuletee donation ya chakula pia wewe juu inaonekana njaa inakusumbua,” he said.

Khaligraph’s die-hards also backed him up and they also did not hesitate to fight back the hater.


@gervasmuuo watu waishi maisha yao vile wanataka


@gervasmuuo we pia si Uko over 18 si ufungue. Children’s home😀😀


@khaligraph_jones njaa inasumbua uyo falaa

@gervasmuuo Sasa si @octopizzo was live just the other day. Hope pia uliteta hiyo. @khaligraph_jones has just showed love for Kenyan music by sharing @realshinski post and inviting his people to support Nyash. Is that not giving back already? Again, don’t tend to force everyone whom you deem potential to donate. Donating is voluntary not on the basis of IT HAS BEEN DONE OR IS BEING DONE BY SOMEONE. Another point to take home is, kutoa ngoma haizuii kudonate. Ukisema mtu adonate asitoe ngoma ni kama wewe uambiwe uwache kuishi ndio tusaidie mambo ya Corona. An artist must live their life, which is doing music.


@gervasmuuo wewe Kichwa Yako Ni kabati ya Meno..


@khaligraph_jones 😂😂😂😂😂datz real answer to those who are anticlockwise brain

Gervasmuuo is not the type to give up easily as he still went on to beat the OG but unfortunately no one gave him the attention he was looking for.


@khaligraph_jones If you can’t give back to the society basi you’re useless…Najiweza Fatboy!!!usitumie akili kama kikombe ya mgeni nanii😂😂😂We’re watching on your actions as artists…

Astists like @akotheekenya na @octopizzo wanaonyesha good example by helping the needy in the society…What’s the role of artists kwani?

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