The ‘Sponsors’ Lady Goes Viral With Another Hilarious Video on Boychild

The ‘Sponsors’ Lady Goes Viral With Another Hilarious Video on Boychild


Kenyan lady who went viral last week with a message to missing sponsors made a comeback with a hilarious video directed to boychild this time.

The lady goes by the name Shornarwa on Instagram and is a YouTuber but her latest funny videos have caught the attention of the country.

Her hilarious videos have been reposted all over an if you haven’t watched them, you must be living under a rock. The likes of radio personality Jalng’o have reposted them.

In her first video, she addressed sponsors calling them ‘wababa’ and narrated the plight of slay queens now that wababa are quarantined with their families.

Check it out below;

She has again excited Kenyans with another video on boychild. Taking to her Instagram, Shornarwa explained why girls want sponsors and not the young guys.

According to her, young guys are stingy with their money and never even have any. She also said they are too much in bed as they want crazy styles and don’t even give the girl fare to go home after.

The video has cracked up many Kenyans.

poulynnetyrah said, “This chic should be given a speech in the next women’s conference.”

Indeed she should. Check out her latest video below:


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