“I Ate Sausages For The First Time In University” – Lawyer Donald...

“I Ate Sausages For The First Time In University” – Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Cries Out To Netizens


FILE Photo of Lawyer Donald Kipkorir enjoying a meal.

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald B Kipkorir has pleaded with Kenyans on Twitter to grant him a break and allow him to proudly flaunt the wealth and success he has achieved owing to the fact that he practically grew up with nothing.

In his emotional Wednesday evening rant, Kipkorir further harked back to his tough upbringing, noting that the first time he wore shoes he was already a twelve-year-old boy living in a mudhouse deep in Cheptongei village.

He argued that just like other commoners on the platform are allowed to freely post pictures while in their rural homes or when eating in kiosks, there shouldn’t be any fuss when he shares his “reality”.

Over the last week, the advocate who regards himself as one of the most affluent attorneys on the land has been victim to heavy social media trolling after he was mercilessly embarrassed by renowned Kenyan economist David Ndii who through a lengthy, detailed analysis explained how Kipkorir’s reasoning on matters economy is flawed.

LEFT: Kenyan economist David Ndii | RIGHT: Flamboyant city lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir

This was after he observed that countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and Peru were injecting billions of dollars into their economies through a process known as “Quantitative Easing” to cushion them from the shocks brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic.

In his analogy, however, Ndii used the fictional nations of Kiplombe and Cheptongei to break down why quantitative easing was not the same as printing money.

It was from the former NASA strategist’s thread that the popular online term “Sonko Malong” (his demeaning nickname for the lawyer) originated from.




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