Betty Kyallo and Colleagues Jump In on Viral Trend and Its The...

Betty Kyallo and Colleagues Jump In on Viral Trend and Its The Best Thing You’ll See Today


Betty Kyalo Fingers Crossed as Purge Begins at K24

Popular TV Presenter Betty Kyallo has teamed up with her K24 colleagues to bring Kenyans a special that has lit up the internet.

Together with Isabella Kituri, Shiksha Arora, Sara Adam and a few more presenters, they have put out a ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge video.

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The ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge has been blowing up the internet during this quarantine period with different people from all walks of life making a video and posting it online.

It has taken all forms from friends and families to colleagues. In the TikTok challenge that is keeping people entertained, people show themselves before and after they dress up.

Betty and her colleagues hit the ball out of the ballpark with their edition.

The video posted by Betty on her social media page this Wednesday morning has been watched by almost 70,000 fans already.

lizbae90  added, “The power of make up😂 wengine wao ata siwezi wajua kama hawana make up…..enwei challenge iko poa.”

Check out the hot video below:

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